Terms and Conditions

  1. Participation is open to all Malaysians and non-Malaysians residing in Malaysia.
  2. Participant can submit unlimited number of entries/photos.
  3. Submission deadline is on 31 October 2018 (11.59pm).
  4. All photo entries must be in .JPEG/JPG file format and uploaded to www.lbs.com.my/photocontest by 31st October 2018 (11.59pm). Please refer ‘Photo Submission’ for further info.
  5. All entries submitted to LBS Bina Group Berhad must be original, unprinted, unpublished and unlicensed work.
  6. Where there are images or personal information of other individuals appearing in or associated with your entry, you confirm that the individuals have consented and agreed to you providing the images and personal information to LBS Bina Group Berhad and that LBS Bina Group Berhad may use the images and personal information for the purpose of this Contest.
  7. By submitting the Contest entries, each Participant thereby:
  • authorises LBS Bina Group Berhad to use and/or license third parties to use, without compensation, gain or rewards, a non-exclusive and irrevocable license to use, republish, edit and/or modify the Contest photos in any media for marketing and promotional purposes which include but not limited to LBS Bina Group publication;
  • represents and warrants that all elements contained in the Contest entry:
    • is original to the Participant or fully cleared for use as contemplated herein,
    • does and will not, in any way, violate or breach any of the terms of any other agreement the Participant may be a party to,
    • does not contain libelous, tortuous, or the publication or sale of which will violate any federal or state statute or regulation,
    • is not obscene or in any other manner unlawful, and shall not require LBS Bina Group Berhad to pay or incur any sums to any person or entity as a result of LBS Bina Group Berhad use or exploitation of the same.
  1. You shall also indemnify and hold harmless LBS Bina Group Berhad and its affiliates from and against any claim, action, damage, loss and costs and expenses (including legal fees and professional fees) arising from or in connection with any breach of the foregoing.
  2. Contest Winners will be contacted by LBS Bina Group Berhad or its authorised representatives to participate in events tied to the Contest.
  3. LBS Bina Group Berhad reserves the right to disqualify any entries that breach the rules and regulations of the Contest, including entries submitted with invalid or incorrect information.
  4. In the event there are any claims, actions, proceedings, costs, damages, expenses, penalties, demands and liabilities against the Organiser, their agencies, representative offices, affiliated, associated or related corporations and their respective officers, servants or agents arising from the breach of the Participants of these terms and conditions (including plagiarism and submitting inaccurate or misleading information), the Participants agree to fully indemnify the Organiser.
  5. Unfair or unethical methods of participation may result in disqualification.
  6. LBS Bina Group Berhad decision for all is final.

Photo Submission:

  • Photo must be submitted in .JPEG/.JPG format – minimum 72 dpi, not more than 30mb.
  • Participant can upload their photo at www.lbs.com.my/photocontest
  • Photo can be accompanied with an interesting caption in less than 10 words.
  • Photo caption will help serve as a guide to the photo direction, however it will not influence the judging process.
  • Only one (1) photo allowed per upload. However, Participants can upload and submit as many photos as they want.
  • Participant may submit their photo in colour and/or black-and-white photos. Dimensions can either be in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • All submissions must be accompanied by a completed entry form – name, contact number and NRIC.

Photo Requirement:

  • Basic photo enhancements such as dodging/burning, colour saturation, cropping and brightness/contrast are acceptable but EXIF data shall be retained in the file.
  • Photos must not have any borders or film edges, name, personal logos, copyright notices, watermarks and signatures.
  • Finalists of the Contest may be required of the following documents:
    • An original or unedited digital file.
    • Original negative, print or slide.

Original negatives, prints or slides will be returned to finalists. Organiser reserves the right to disqualify incomplete entries and/or Participants who are unable to submit, upon request, a high-resolution photograph.


The PDPA governs the processing of the Participant’s personal data (“Personal Data”) by the Organisers. This Notice is issued to Participants to inform that this is the basis upon which, the processing of the Personal Data is done by the Organisers.


Purpose: The Participants irrevocably and unconditionally consent and permit the Organisers to use, publish or feature the Participants’ and/or their pictures (which may include the Participant’s name, statements about the Competition or any of its related matter) without further notice or compensation for publicity, advertising or any other related purposes in any manner whatsoever, including but not limited to in any of the Organisers’ publications, websites and/or any promotional materials connected to the Competition. Personal Data is owned by the relevant Participant and does not belonged to the Organisers.


Transfer: The Participants’ Personal Data will be kept confidential by the Organisers but the Participants agree that for the purposes set out in Clause 12.2above, the Organisers may transfer or disclose such Personal Data to the following parties within or outside of Malaysia: Other partners or any participating partners which owe a duty of confidentiality to the Organisers;

The Organisers’ agents or contractors under a duty of confidentiality to the Organisers providing administrative, telecommunications, data processing or other services to the Organisers in relation to the Competition (such as but not limited to professional advisers, customer call centre providers, gift redemption centres or data entry companies); Any affiliates that owe a duty of care to the Organisers; Any law enforcement agency and/or regulatory body for compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, codes and/or guidelines and/or any person or entity to whom the Organisers are under a binding obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law, rule, regulations, code and/or guideline and/or order of any competent court of law, law enforcement agencies and/or regulatory bodies.

Access: The Participants have the right to request access to and to request correction of the relevant Participants’ Personal Data. Nothing herein contained shall limit the rights of any Participant under the PDPA.

Click here www.lbs.com.my/privacy/ to view the full privacy policy of the Organisers. If the Participants do not wish to receive the latest information about products, news and events updates, rewards and promotions, special privileges and initiatives from the Organisers and/or its affiliates, partners and advertisers, kindly call (1700-81-8998) or email to (cs@lbs.com.my).

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